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Seed Potatoes
Soil - ACTON

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Ozette Fingerling - Seed Potato
1 lb. - $7.50
2 lbs. - $12.00
3 lbs. - $18.00
5 lbs. - $22.50
10 lbs. - $32.50
25 lbs. - $62.50
50 lbs. - $112.50
100 lbs. - $200.00
200 lbs. - $400.00
Originally, potatoes were taken from South America to Europe before they made their way to the Americas. However, it is believed that the Ozette was brought directly from South America to Neah Bay Washington by Spanish Explorers in 1791. They planted them in a garden that was later abandoned when the Spanish left. Discovered by the Makah people, they began to grow them in their own gardens and named them after one of their villages. Introduced to the market by David Ronniger in the late 1980ís, the Ozette is one of the tastiest of all fingerlings. Classic in appearance with pale gold skin and creamy yellow flesh. The slightly earthy, nutty flavor comes through beautifully when lightly steamed or sauted. A Slow Food USA, Arch of Taste selection. Late variety.

Out of stock due to crop failure in 2016. We are starting over and increasing.
Check back every year to see when available.