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Bintje - Certified Seed Potato
1 lb. - $6.00
2 lbs. - $10.00
3 lbs. - $15.00
5 lbs. - $20.00
10 lbs. - $30.00
25 lbs. - $55.00
50 lbs. - $75.00
100 lbs. - $125.00
200 lbs. - $250.00
Developed in 1905 by Dutch schoolmaster, K.L. de Vries. The result of a classroom genetics demonstration and named after a star pupil, this variety has stood the test of time. Because of the high yields, the variety was for a time, called by a different name - Rijkmaker (Richmaker). At first it wasn’t popular for human consumption because it wasn’t mealy enough. However, in time, new markets were found and in Paris, they discovered that it made excellent French fries. High yielder of medium sized smooth skinned tubers and excellent storage qualities, with a flavor that is outstanding anyway you prepare them. This is the top potato variety grown in the world.