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Seed Potatoes
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Yellow Potato Onions - Shallots - Natural Added to Basket: No
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Yellow Potato Onions - Shallots - Natural
1/2 lb. - $9.00
1 lb. - $10.00 ... Approx. 50-80 sets
2 lbs. - $18.00
3 lbs. - $27.00
5 lbs. - $40.00
10 lbs. - $70.00
25 lbs. - $150.00
50 lbs. - $250.00
Potato onions are in the multiplier onion family, and once commanded an important and well-loved position in home gardens and commercial farms in the early 1900's. The potato onion produces a medium-sized bulb 1-2 inches in diameter, which resembles a common storage onion, yet its long-term storage ability far exceeds any onion that we have seen. During the growing season, the sets you plant divide underground to form clusters or "nests" of as many as 5-9 onions. Some will be large for the table and storage use and the small ones are your sets for next year! If you fall plant a number of the larger bulbs, you can enjoy the nicest early spring green onions the following year. We have planted both spring and fall with good results. Expect to harvest by mid-July. They store until your new crop!