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Soil - ACTON

Artichoke Garlic

  • Easiest to grow
  • Most productive
  • Most commonly grown commercially
  • Mature early in the season
  • Store well
  • Multiple clove layers and numerous cloves
  • Larger, flattened bulb
  • Bulb skins are thick and coarsely textured
  • Clove skins are off-white to light tan
  • Likes the southern climates

57CHEI20 Chet's Italian - Artichoke - X-Large Sold Out
57INCH20 Inchelium - Artichoke - X-Large Sold Out
57INCH25 Inchelium - Artichoke - Premium Sold Out
57KETR15 Kettle River Giant - Artichoke - Large Sold Out
57LORI20 Lorz Italian - Artichoke - X-Large Sold Out
57REDT20 Red Toch - Artichoke - X-Large Sold Out